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Should I repurpose my old jewellery?

A diamond is forever; formed over billions of years within the Earth, and passed down through generations. That's why opting for recycling diamond jewellery is a fantastic eco-friendly choice today.

By resetting unworn, old jewellery, you can breathe new life into these pieces, transforming them into modern new designs. Just observe the remarkable transformations of pearls, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds that have graced the Royal Family's collection, transitioning from brooches to necklaces and even tiaras. In the hands of our talented designers, old and recycled diamonds are reborn into stylish jewellery and engagement rings. The concept of reimagining old diamonds into contemporary jewellery is not a recent trend. We have been practicing this art for years, driven by our loyal customers. What truly touches us is when we receive items that our founders originally crafted for a client's grandmother or mother—a beautiful full-circle moment.

Repurposed heirloom jewellery becomes the perfect "something old" for your wedding day. Here we revitalised a sapphire ring from a bride-to-be's grandmother's into a stunning pendant charm.

If you find yourself uncertain about what to do with your unworn jewels, we always encourage clients to explore the option of transforming them into something completely different and unrelated to the original concept. It opens up a world of possibilities for reinvention and personal expression.


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