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The Top 5 Shapes for Engagement Rings in Hong Kong

Choosing an engagement ring is very personal, but it's important if you want to stay on top of your trend game. Here are the top 5 best-selling engagement styles that you should know about based on our real clients!

Round Diamond Rings

A timeless and classic choice, the round solitaire engagement ring features a single round set on a plain band or a diamond band. This minimalist design highlights the beauty and brilliance of the center stone. Round diamonds generally cost more than any other shapes because they are the most sought after, and cutting a round diamond will incur a higher wastage compared to other fancy shapes. It's a price to pay for the most classic style!

It's essential to note that diamond pricing is influenced by various factors such as carat weight, cut quality, color, and clarity. Since round diamonds has the best brilliance and fire, it may be more forgiving in masking certain inclusions and color due to their brilliant cut. You can save cost by choosing a round diamond slightly compromising on color and clarity, depending on your personal preferences and tolerance for these characteristics. It is generally true that a round diamond with an F color grade will appear whiter compared to an emerald-cut diamond with the same F color grade. The reason for this is the difference in how light interacts with the two diamond shapes. Similarly, the brilliant cut has facets that create a dazzling sparkle that can draw attention away from any potential inclusions within the stone!

Due to their symmetrical cut and faceting pattern, round diamonds tend to reflect light more efficiently and exhibit greater brilliance and sparkle, which can help mask the slight presence of color and inclusions, and make the diamond appear brighter and bigger.

Oval Diamond Rings

Did you know the oval diamond shape has the qualities of brilliant cut, and it looks bigger than the round diamond? Oval diamonds tend to appear larger per carat compared to round diamonds due to their elongated shape. This can make them a popular choice for those who want their engagement ring to have a significant presence and make a statement on the finger, at a lower price compared to round diamonds. The shape also creates a flattering and elongating effect on the finger, making it appear longer and more slender.

With the increased availability of quality cut oval diamonds, oval diamonds have gained more recognition than ever. The obsession has been further boosted by their presence on the fingers of famous celebrities including Hailey Bieber, Ariana Grande and Blake Lively, to name a few.

1 · Kourtney Kardashian ; 2 · Ariana Grande ; 3 · Blake Lively ; 4 · Hailey Bieber

Image credits: Instagram

Oval diamonds can provide a modern twist to an engagement ring, appealing to those seeking something different and less conventional. However, it also takes more skills to pick a good quality oval cut diamond than round diamond (which is essentially the case for all fancy shapes) as the cut quality of an oval diamond greatly influences its overall beauty and brilliance. Even the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) does not provide a cut grade for fancy shapes because of the specific challenges and variations in cutting styles found in these diamond shapes. This is why our expertise as a reliable local jeweler is invaluable when it comes to selecting and purchasing fancy shape diamonds. A knowledgeable jeweler with a good reputation will provide accurate information about the diamond's characteristics and ensure its quality matches your expectations.

Always look for an oval diamond with even and symmetrical curves, where the shape appears pleasing to the eye without appearing too elongated or too wide. Oval cut diamonds will have a "bowtie" area in the center when light doesn't reflect properly within the diamond due to its internal facets. A minimal or subtle bowtie effect is common and acceptable in oval diamonds, but it's important to ensure that it doesn't dominate the stone or significantly impact its overall brilliance. This is where the expertise of a reliable jeweler is invaluable when it comes to selecting and purchasing fancy shape diamonds, including oval diamonds.

Emerald Diamond Rings

Known for its unique and vintage look, the emerald cut stands out due to its step cut and distinctively long and rectangular shape with trimmed corners. Their elongated shape and step-cut facets evoke a sense of old-world glamour and make them an ideal choice for vintage-loving individuals.

Unlike the other brilliant cuts, the step cut do not exhibit the same level of brilliance and fire. Instead, it prioritizes a "hall of mirrors" effect, emphasising the diamond's transparency and elegant lines. The flat facets produce flashes of light that are more low key and elegant, creating a more serene and sophisticated look.

Generally speaking emerald cut diamonds are less expensive compared than other fancy shape diamonds because they have a higher yield. This means that you can retain more carat weight from the rough diamond during the cutting process because they are thinner and flatter than other diamond shapes. However, when it comes to color and clarity, the large facets of emerald cut diamonds can highlight any hints of color and inclusions within the stone. Therefore, while you can expect to pay less for emerald cut, it is generally recommended to select a higher color grade for emerald cut diamonds to ensure a desirable appearance. This is particularly important if you prefer a colorless or near-colorless diamond.

Cushion Diamond Rings

If you want a diamond with a square or rectangular shape but with a brilliant cut, cushion cut is the answer! Cushion diamonds offer a classic and romantic appearance with its squarish shape and rounded corners, often described as a blend of the round and princess cuts. Cushion cuts can be faceted in different ways, ranging from more traditional to modern designs. Here are some common variations:

  1. Classic Cushion Cut: The classic cushion cut is characterized by a square or slightly rectangular shape with rounded corners. It typically has a pillow-like appearance and is known for its vintage charm and romantic appeal.

  2. Modified Cushion Cut: Modified cushion cuts refer to cushion cuts that have been slightly altered or modified to enhance certain aspects of the diamond's appearance. These medications include the Cushion Brilliant Cut, which is a combination of a cushion cut and a round brilliant cut. It is designed to maximize brilliance and sparkle. Crushed Ice Cushion Cut is another variation characterised by a smaller, scattered facets that produce a unique pattern of a crushed ice appearance.

  3. Rectangular Cushion Cut: While the classic cushion cut is typically square or slightly rectangular, there are variations that have a more elongated rectangular shape. These rectangular cushion cuts can offer a sleek and elegant look.

Because cushion cut diamonds come in a range of cut variations, it may be harder to find multiple options of the specific variation that also meets all your criteria. It's important to note that when selecting a cushion cut diamond, consider the specific proportions, cut quality, and overall appearance of the stone rather than solely relying on the name or variation.

Princess Cut Diamond Rings:

The princess cut is a popular choice for its modern and distinct square shape. Its clean lines and brilliant faceting create a contemporary and eye-catching look that appeals to many. Generally, it has consistently ranked among the top diamond five shapes chosen for engagement rings, while the Asscher cut, Radiant cut, Heart, Pear, and Marquise shapes are less commonly seen.

Image credits: GIA edu

However, at VERE, we also have a rising star gaining more popularity - the Asscher cut. The Asscher cut is a step-cut diamond shape with a square shape and cropped corners. It is known for its unique "Hall of Mirrors" effect like the emerald cut, offering a distinct vintage charm. It has gained more recognition in recent years as a unique and elegant choice. Asscher cut is known to have a reputation for appearing smaller than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight, due to its faceting style and a higher crown. The smaller perceived size is a known trade-off for its distinct beauty. It appears that some of our clients are in this niche market who appreciate its subdued and elegant look with a smaller finger coverage.

It's crucial to remember that each diamond shape has its unique characteristics and beauty. While round diamonds are popular for their brilliance, other fancy shapes can offer their own distinct allure. The choice of diamond shape ultimately comes down to personal preference and style. It's recommended to view diamonds of different shapes in person to assess their individual beauty and determine the best combination of cut, color, and clarity based on your preferences and budget.


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