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Ultimate Guide to Clean Your Jewellery

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Diamonds are attracted to oil and grease naturally. Mines in fact use grease belts to help separate rough diamonds from other materials. Despite its roughness, diamonds can lose its sparkle with oil or dust deposited on it. How do you keep your jewellery clean for maximum brightness? We have all the tricks to keep your diamonds looking its best.

At VERE, we take pride on making quality pieces that you can pass on next generations. And like everything fine, your jewellery needs some care and attention to be kept at its best. To make maintenance easier, we’ve created a list of tips below:

Tip #1 - Give it a Wash

The best way is to wash your jewellery with warm water and add a drop of gentle hand soap. Do avoid soap with fragrance or harsh chemicals. Be sure not to leave soft gems such as opals or pearls soaking in water for too long as it may affect them.

You may use a microfiber cloth or soft toothbrush to help get dirt out of the surface. Once it's clean make sure you rinse it and dry it quickly and well. It's a good idea to wash your jewellery once a week to keep everyday oil and buildup at bay.

Tip #2 - Polishing Cloth

Most of our jewellery are made of 18k gold, which are a lot less likely to tarnish than vermeil gold, silver, or other lower carats of gold to begin with. However, it is still a normal process with precious metals to tarnish over a long period of time. Rose gold and yellow gold are more likely to tarnish than white gold.

If your precious metal jewellery is tarnished, use a precious metal jewellery cloth to rub it as washing your jewellery won't remove tarnish.

Tip #3 - Bring it to Us

If your ring has been exposed to a high level of oil or dirt, it's a good idea to take it to your jeweler and get it cleaned professionally and safely. For VERE customers, we provide lifelong complimentary service to clean your jewellery. Feel free to drop off your jewellery anytime, especially when you are around the Tsim Sha Tsui neighborhood!

Tip #4 - Keep a Bling Brush in your Purse

We love this rinse free, high quality formula that is free of harsh chemicals and can be used at home or on-the-go; Keep one on your vanity and one in your purse!

A brilliant jewelry cleaner gift for Brides, Bridesmaids, Mother's Day and any lady that loves to SHINE! Get yours here.

Tip #5 - Do not use Ultrasonic Cleaners at Home

The ultrasonic cleaners work by sending vibrations through the water vigorously. The harsh movements can loosen up stones or even damage the prongs. While a professional jeweler can test the stones to ensure they are still intact, you would never know at home if one of your diamonds came loose or fell out in the machine (or worst, the diamond fell out and got lost after you take it out of the machine).

How to Maintain Your Jewellery

To keep your jewellery looking its best and wear it longer without maintenance, we have a few wise tips:

  • Put on jewellery after lotions, hand sanitizer, perfume, sunblock, hairspray, deodorant and other harmful substance

  • Remove jewellery before showering, swimming, gardening, cleaning, or any other activity that might subject them to harm

  • Take off jewellery before going to bed

  • Wear jewellery regularly to keep pearls and emeralds moist and prevent gold from tarnishing

  • Store jewellery in jewellery boxes with separate compartments

  • Keep jewellery in a clean and dry place. Avoid the bathroom and direct sunlight


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