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Vere Jewellery Diamond Stack and Arm Party

About Us

Our journey began 40 years ago, after our founding by the third generation of a fine jewellery manufacturer in Hong Kong and Singapore. In 2017, we channeled our knowledge and expertise of the craft of jewellery making into VERE –  a studio dedicated to the creation of well-crafted bespoke jewelleries to customers from around the world through a personalized experience. VERE is now a renowned brand of bespoke jewellery handcrafter among aesthetes in Asia for its countless jewellery designs and unparalleled service.

VERE values individuality and personality, as they are inherited in the natural sense of art. We understand a timeless piece of creation, perfect just for you, can be a meaningful part of the memory that you and your loved ones hold dearly forever. With this belief in our heart, many of our pieces are made-to-order as we listen to you describe the jewellery of your dream. We craft out the moment you wish to preserve with our elegant designs and exquisite craftsmanship, by adding a personal touch that is offered by our limitless customization options - all of our effort is to deliver a memorial and quality piece of art that you will experience at Vere.

At VERE, bespoke jewelleries are made with values that we consider every part of our production a special and precious element - that is also the attitude that brings us to excellence. We endeavour to give transparency to our workmanship and to evolve with new market trends. We produce pieces especially for you to your specifications, while cutting out extra inventory costs, unnecessary middlemen and retail markups to make fine jewellery creation more accessible. We specialise in natural diamonds which are all ethically sourced. All diamonds over a carat are certified by The Gemological Institute of America. We are extremely proud of the variety of quality gemstones that we offer, ranging from the Big 3 gemstones, namely Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald to some less well-known gemstones such as Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Tanzanite and Topaz. The diversity of the way of cutting, from classic brilliant cuts to antique rose cuts, drops and cabochons, gives us the flexibility to create designs that are unparalleled. 

Solely through word of mouth, our bespoke Hong Kong jewellery studio has delighted clients from around the globe. Our clients not only get the dream pieces they most desire but the trust and confidence to keep coming back to us time and again.


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