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Behind pieces of dreams are exceptional craftsmanship and artful designs that reflect an expression of your personal style. Our bespoke services offer a unique and personal journey that differs from conventional jewellery experience. You will no longer be limited by the standardized path of conventional jewellery stores with excess markup, mediocre diamonds and commercial designs. At VERE, you will save a lot of effort and money as you can just focus on the specifications you desire - whether you are inspired by our designs or attempting to search for a unique piece, our team will work with you on creating an exquisite design that is of high quality and, at a fair price, and let you walk away with something beautifully crafted.

Bespoke Jewellery


To know your desire, you will be invited to have a private consultation with us either online or in person. We share with you our design experience, and let you explore our ranges of blueprints, whether in classic or contemporary fashion, vintage or state-of-the-art, to find out the perfect presentation of your dreams. Here you can hand-select exceptional stones with the help of our expert team as they provide professional advice on the quality of gemstones and their origins. We can also remodel your existing diamonds or gemstones into a design that you and your heirs can treasure for lifetimes to come. If you decide to go with a budget, our wide range of signature collections crafted by expert artisans can still offer charms that combine timeless elegance with our beautiful craftsmanship.

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We visualise your desire to paper. Before production, and to ensure your idea have been fully captured, you will be provided with a professionally drawn sketch of your custom jewellery. In the pursuit of perfection, in case of complicated designs, we create detailed computer drawings, or even go beyond to produce a prototype, to show you how the concept of your design can be manifested with the chosen precious stones.


We take over to craft your bespoke jewellery in this stage. Using our traditional handcrafted techniques, together with the help of cutting-edge

technology, we turn your dream into the finest piece of art. With an aim for supremacy, we bring out the stunning and unique beauty of each fine gemstone. As we believe all the magic is hidden in the details, we aspire to resent every minute yet remarkable feature of your design, reassuring that all the attribute is presented with the appropriate vibe, and every aspect of your meaning conveyed.

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To be treasured for a lifetime, your unique piece of jewellery is ready to reveal its beauty. As time passes, it will witness more and more moments that you and your loved ones cherish so dearly. With more to inherit, it becomes a symbol of your love, an integral part of your sweet memories, which is to be shared with your future generations.

Our Happy Clients

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