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Why Invest in a Bespoke Piece of Jewellery?

If you’re in Hong Kong and opting for a bespoke jewellery piece over something ready-made, there are many benefits. The first is that rather than something off-the-shelf that can be readily bought, you’ll get something completely tailored to you and your desires. A piece of jewellery should be something you truly treasure, and getting away from mass-market, cookie-cutter pieces results in something you can adore for the long term.


If you already have an idea in mind but can’t quite find the right item, creating a custom piece by collaborating with a bespoke jewellery maker gives you the ability to get exactly what you are looking for. The options are endless, and you can let your imagination run wild as well as take part in the creation process which can make the overall experience more meaningful and rewarding.


Even for classic pieces such as eternity rings or tennis bracelets, you can choose the exact stone quality and size to suit your budget, and be as specific as you want in terms of the width of the band, height of the settings, colour of the metal, and even style of the prongs. Getting a bespoke piece gives you more trust in the process, with full visibility on the price, craftsmanship and creation, and source of the materials because you have close contact and more personalised service at every stage.


Another benefit of working with a bespoke jewellery maker in Hong Kong is that it gives you the ability to modify an existing piece. If you have a heritage piece that doesn’t quite fit your tastes or you want to transform it into another item of jewellery, working with a bespoke jeweller can help you to turn something of sentimental value into a modern piece you’ll love wearing.


Do you Create Bespoke Engagement Rings?

For many of our clients, an engagement ring is usually their first big investment. As a piece of jewellery with significant meaning and sentimental value, our clients want to make something to their heart’s desire together as a couple. It’s possible to reduce costs by making a bespoke engagement ring over buying something off-the-shelf. For the same design and quality getting something of much bigger size or cheaper price is possible. By going bespoke you can also choose the exact colour, clarity, cut and size (known as the four “Cs”). For many of our clients, the engagement ring is usually their first bespoke piece. We feel fortunate many of them return to us when marking other milestone occasions in their life. Learn more about our bridal jewellery here. 


What Gemstone Pieces can you Create?

At our bespoke Hong Kong jewellery studio, our main focus is diamonds. We also have a collection of pearls, topaz, aquamarine, rubellite, opal, and chalcedony. Another speciality is our focus on the big three gemstones: ruby, sapphire and emerald, giving our clients a wide range of choice in the types of stones they wish to use for their piece.


Tips for Choosing a Jeweller in Hong Kong

If you are committed to creating a custom-designed piece, it’s important to find the right jewellery maker.

When choosing a jewellery maker in Hong Kong, expertise and experience are the most important things to look for. Ensure that you go to an experienced gemologist that knows how to choose authentic and quality stones, especially with so many poorly cut stones and counterfeit diamonds on the market. At Vere, our gemologists have a minimum of 10 years’ experience. This ensures they have undergone the relevant years of training and acquired the knowledge to exclusively work with trusted suppliers and know the difference when it comes to quality. An experienced jeweller also knows how to properly set and secure diamonds and other stones – the last thing you want from a piece is to lose precious elements due to poor setting.


How long a jewellery maker has been in business can be very telling of the quality and service they will offer. We recommend choosing a bespoke jewellery maker that has been in the business for some time. At Vere, we have over three decades of experience perfecting our craft and working with customers and suppliers from around the world. A reputation is worth a thousand words and we are proud of having built our client base solely on word of mouth. Our customers trust us to make their most important jewellery pieces, and return to us for their milestone occasions.


Choosing the right size of bespoke jewellery business can also give you a good indication of the service you will receive. While the largest luxury brands have higher markups, on the other hand, brands that are too small may not have the expertise or economies of scale. For example, small businesses or independent traders may not be able to provide diamonds at competitive pricing, even if the markup is lower, since they do not benefit from economies of scale or wholesale discount. Similarly, they may not have the training on hand to undertake quality control, or the team to support the range of services that you need, including warranty, repair, resizing and more complicated custom designs.


All in all, be sure to go with your instincts and a jeweller with good customer service in tune with your needs and desires. Choose a bespoke jewellery maker that is clear on their bespoke process and what is involved at every stage.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Got Other Questions?

To find out more about Vere’s jewellery services, get in touch with our team.

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